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Composter Cube

The Composter Cube can dramatically improve residential sustainability, enabling organic garden and kitchen waste to be diverted from landfill, and transformed into top quality, nutrient rich compost. Flat packed,
with a durable plastic, snap-lock design, this is a convenient and cost effective solution.

Product Description

The Composter Cube is available in two convenient sizes to suit various household sizes, and is delivered flat-packed to ensure cost-effective shipping and storage. Manufactured from lightweight and durable plastic, the unit ‘snaps’ together in a very simple, quick assembly process.

The Composter Cube is best placed in a sunny garden position, on exposed ground. The convenient unit features a hinged lid at the top of the unit, which swings right back to allow kitchen scraps, and garden waste to be easily inserted, including even grass clippings from a mower catcher. Once processed, the compost can be easily accessed via a large sliding hatch at the base of the unit. This nutrient rich compost can then be used around the garden to assist with water retention and soil quality.

The Corkscrew Aerator is also available, which can be used to aerate your waste once deposited, which can speed up the composting process.

Also recommended the Kitchen Caddy and Compost-A-Pak® liners. These products are proven to increase household participation rates, given they improve the convenience of organic waste diversion. The liners are Australian Certified compostable for Home Composting, which means you can be confident that they will break down at about the same time as a dry leaf, and leave no harmful residue in the resulting compost.

Composter Cube Product Details Composter Cube Product Details
System Code Capacity Height Width Depth
Composter Cube CC-300L 300 Litres 830mm 610mm 610mm
Composter Cube CC-450L 450 Litres 810mm 800mm 800mm
Corkscrew Aerator CC-CorkAir 850mm 120mm 120mm
  • Kitchen Caddy
  • Compost-A-Pak Liners
  • Earth Machine composter
  • Tumbling Composter
  • Compost-A-Pak Shopping Bag