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Earth Machine Composter


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As a passionate gardener, I see huge benefits in composting, and this is the best composter I’ve ever used. It simply works diligently away on my compost, even when I leave it for a while.
88% of residents are still using their Earth Machine after 3 years.
Portland Metro Survey following large Council Organics Program

The Earth Machine Composter is the composter chosen by our team for use at home, and if that’s not endorsement enough, there are another 2,500,000 + being used worldwide!

Product Description

The success of the Earth Machine Composter is a result of the clever design, which is both effective and simple to use. The system works, even for passive composters, who don’t have time to consistently monitor, aerate, and water their compost.

A durable design, suitable for Australian outdoors, the unit is manufactured from high-density polyethylene with UV stabilisers, and is made with a minimum 50% post-consumer recycled material. It sits directly on the soil, secured by twist pegs, to encourage worms, and waste is deposited through the large top twist locking lid.

The Earth Machine Composter combines both horizontal and vertical columnar ventilation holes, which are controlled through the lid. The conical shape encourages ventilation to promote the aerobic decomposition, and also allows the base to be spun for full access to the pile through the base door. As such, the bottom layers of compost can be harvested, whilst the system is still used for new waste into the top. After a few months of balanced collection of organic matter (food and garden waste), a rich organic compost fertiliser will form, which will improve the quality and water retention properties your soil, helping your garden to thrive.

The unit comes in two halves which nest, and then simply snap together, so it can be easily transported in a car. The pack also includes an educational booklet.

The Earth Machine Composter has delivered outstanding results in large residential composting programs. Considering that organic waste makes up over half of the average household waste in Australia, equipping residents to manage their own organic waste through composting can result in significant financial and environmental benefits for councils.

Earth Machine Composter Product Details Earth Machine Composter Product Details
System Code Waste Stream Capacity Height Diameter Weight
Composter Cube EM300L Organics 300 Litres 840mm 840mm 7kg
Corkscrew Aerator CC-CorkAir 850mm 120mm
  • Compost-A-Pak Liners
  • Kitchen Caddy
  • Composter Cube
  • Tumbling Composter
  • Organics Caddy