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Indoor Composter

The Indoor Composter is a great solution for households and offices passionate about sustainability, but restricted by the outdoor space required for a traditional composter. The units enable all kitchen organic waste to be diverted from landfill, and transformed into nutrient rich compost.

Product Description

The Indoor Composter is an 18 Litre air-tight system, which processes all organic waste into nutrient rich compost, without the smells, or bugs, that are traditionally associated with composting indoors.

All kitchen organic waste including cooked food, meats, fish and dairy products can be placed into the system through the convenient top lid, with Bokashi liquid then added as the compost activator. Bokashi is a mixed culture of naturally occurring friendly microorganisms which works to accelerate the fermentation process of organic matter, minimising smells. Once the fermentation process has occurred within the air-tight system, a rich liquid is created which can be easily removed through the base tap. This can then be diluted with water and used as a plant feed or to stunt the growth of algae and odours within drains. The remaining contents can be dug into the garden bed or added to a home composting unit such as the popular Earth Machine Composter.

The durable Indoor Composter is made from plastic, including a proportion of recycled content, and is available as a kit. The kit includes the a full instruction booklet, indoor composter body and handle, an air tight lid, drainage tap, Bokashi scoop, inner drain tray, and two 500ml Spray Bottles of Bokashi (Approx. 4 months’ supply)

Indoor Composter Product Details Indoor Composter Product Details
System Code Capacity Height Width Depth
Indoor Composter INDC-18L 18 Litres 370mm 340mm 280mm
Liquid Bokashi Bottle - 500ml (Approx. 2 Months usage) LBOK-500ML
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