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Battery Recycling Tube

The Battery Recycling Tube is a popular public place solution. The innovative, transparent design effectively attracts e-waste, whilst minimising contamination.

Product Description

The Battery Recycling Tube features a transparent cylinder with a solid, stable base, and restricted top aperture. The unit is perfect for small collections such as batteries and mobile phones, and comes with a choice of education signs reflecting these waste streams.

The unique transparent tube is deliberately designed to stand out in public areas, encouraging responsible battery or e-waste disposal. The transparent appearance not only reinforces the waste stream, but also dramatically reduces contamination as waste deposited is visible. The restricted aperture also features a large hinged lid to assist with emptying.

The unit is available in three sizes, a 5 litre unit, designed to sit on a counter, or the 10 or 20 litre floor standing units. These larger units have a stable base, and relatively small footprint, making them perfect for busy areas with limited space. The largest 20 litre unit is designed with two handles to assist with the manual handling of larger waste volumes.

Battery Recycling Tube Product Details Battery Recycling Tube Product Details
Product Code Capacity Unit Type Recommended
Waste Streams
Height Diameter
BAT-5LTBLK 5 Litres Counter Top Batteries 444mm 230mm
BAT-10LTBLK 10 Litres Floor Unit Batteries 744mm 230mm
BAT-20LTBLK 20 Litres Floor Unit Batteries,
Mobile Phones
830mm 310mm
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