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Compost-A-Pak Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag

Compost-A-Pak® Shopping Bags are the sustainable alternative! Providing the same convenience as plastic ‘green’ bags, they are instead made of corn starch, and are not only more sustainable to produce, they are Australian certified 100% compostable.

Product Description

Did you know that the popular ‘green’ shopping bags are actually made of polypropylene, an almost indestructible material also used to make car bumpers? Polypropylene is a fossil fuel-based plastic, a non-renewable resource, which presents a similar risk in landfill as traditional plastic bags.

There is a more environmentally sustainable alternative.

Compost-A-Pak® Shopping Bags are a convenient 20 Litre reusable bag, made of third grade corn, a grade unsuitable for human consumption. This seasonal crop is sourced from international regions with high rain fall to minimise irrigation, and using world leading technology, the resulting BF-90A bio plastic polymer resin is then manufactured into non-woven bags. The resulting reusable bags are quite durable, and can even be washed in your machine when soiled.

At end of life, when exposed to a commercial composting environment, Compost-A-Pak® Shopping Bags are scientifically proven to breakdown into hummus, carbon dioxide and water in a matter of weeks, without leaving any harmful residues in the process (Certified Australian Standard AS4736-2006). Combined with organic waste, composting forms a rich fertiliser which can be used in agriculture, ensuring the nutrients are returned to the soil for future crops.

Compost-A-Pak® Shopping Bags have been used very successfully in Council environmental programs to get residents thinking about sustainability and the small actions they can take to make a real difference. Custom printing is available. (Minimum order and costs made apply).

Compost-A-Pak® Product Details Compost-A-Pak® Product Details
Code Quantity Bag Size Bag Height Bag Width Bag Depth
CPK-SHOP-1 1 bag 20 Litres 350mm 310mm 190mm
CKP-SHOP-100C Carton - 100 bags 20 Litres 350mm 310mm 190mm
Certification - Australian Standard AS4736-2006

Compost-A-Pak® products are certified to Australian standard AS4736-2006. The BF-90A bio plastic polymer resin, used in these products has been tested extensively by OWS, the world’s leading BioPlastics Testing Authority. Not only does it meet the European standard for biodegradability, EN 134-2002, it also passes an additional set of eco toxicity tests. These additional tests, and the resulting Australian certification, ensure you can be confident that our products will actually breakdown in commercial composting facilities, leaving no harmful residue in the soil.

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