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Compost-A-Pooch Dog Waste Bags

Compost-A-Pooch Dog Waste Bags are the sustainable alternative for managing dog waste. Made of third grade corn starch, and Australian Certified Compostable, these convenient bags are designed for
ease of use.

Product Description

Nearly 20 years ago, the EPA classified dog waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil. That’s not surprising when you consider that almost 40% of Australian households own a dog, generating approx. 500 million kilos of dog poo per year, which risks polluting public areas and flowing into storm drains.

Compost-A-Pooch Dog Waste Bags are designed to maximise convenience, which is essential in ensuring pet owners responsibly collect and dispose of their dog waste. The bags feature instructions about collection, a deep design and tall handles so dog waste can easily be picked up, inverted and tied off for disposal.

Compost-A-Pooch Bags are also Australian Certified 100% compostable (Standard AS 4736- 2006 and Home Compostable ABAP 20001). Made of third grade (non-eating) corn starch, a seasonal crop sourced from international regions with high rainfall, unlike degradable bags, these compostable bags will completely breakdown leaving no harmful residue in the soil. As such they are a much more sustainable alternative, both in terms of manufacturing and at end of life.

Compost-A-Pooch Bags are currently available in commercial rolls of 200, and are being used with the Compost-A-Pooch Dispensers in many public parks across Australia. Given popular demand smaller retail sizes will be available soon.

Compost-A-Pooch Dog Waste Bags Product Details Compost-A-Pooch Dog Waste Bags Product Details
Product Code Volume
COMPCH200 Single Roll of 200 Bags
COMPCH200C Carton of 10 Rolls (2,000 Bags)
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