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Desk Diverter

The Desk Diverter is a popular office solution, providing employees the convenience of a small under desk bin, whilst also ensuring sustainability targets can be met through recycling and waste diversion.

Product Description

The Desk Diverter Recycling Bin is an efficient container for office recycling, replacing conventional under desk waste bins and cardboard boxes.

The unit has two compartments for easy source separation of waste, a larger 13.5 litre base, and 8.5 litre top insert. Both units are manufactured with a proportion of recycled content, in a range of Australian Standard waste colours, making each waste stream easily identifiable. This also ensures you can select the right combination to reflect your most common waste streams and recycling goals. Options include Red (Landfill), Yellow (Mixed recyclables), Blue (Paper) and Black.

Durable, sturdy, waterproof, and easy to clean, the compact design also minimises the under-desk footprint required. The top insert lifts easily off the base, making it convenient to collect both waste streams with no contamination.

A convenient solution for the office, the Desk Diverter has proven successful in improving waste diversion and reducing contamination.

Desk Diverter Product Details (H335mm x W270mm x D375mm) Desk Diverter Product Details (H335mm x W270mm x D375mm)
Code Base Color Insert Colors Recommenced Waste Streams Capacity
DD-BY Blue Base Yellow Insert Paper / Recyclables 8.5L + 13.5L
DD-BR Blue Base Red Insert Paper / Landfill 8.5L + 13.5L
DD-YR Yellow Base Red Insert Recyclables / Landfill 8.5L + 13.5L
DD-BKR Black Base Red Insert Misc / Landfill 8.5L + 13.5L
DD-BKR Black Base Yellow Insert Misc / Recyclables 8.5L + 13.5L
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