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Deskside Container

The Deskside Container is a cost effective and durable paper recycling system, enabling all office employees to separate waste paper at their desk or at designated areas such as the printer and filing cabinets.

Product Description

The container is manufactured in the Australian standard colour blue for paper recycling, and is designed to suit A4 paper, with a convenient capacity of 15 Litres. Made from recycled content in HDPE with a UV stabiliser to resist fading, the unit is also hot stamped with the Mobius Loop to encourage users to recycle.

This unit is a durable, long lasting solution which is waterproof and so can be easily cleaned. The simple moulded design is light weight, and ergonomically designed with a carrying lip, allowing easy handling and comfortable pick up.

Deskside Container Product Details Deskside Container Product Details
Code Description & Waste Stream Capacity Height Width Depth
DESK-15L Blue Container with Mobius Loop. Recommended for Office Paper Recycling. 15 litre 200 300 380
  • Desk Diverter
  • Multisort Recycling Bins
  • MultiSort Confidential Paper Bin
  • Pedal Bin