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Educational Recycling Signs

The secret to benchmark diversion rates… make it easy to recycle!

Complement your waste bins with effective communication signs designed by industry experts, which minimise training requirements
and ensure your program is a success. We can even customise a solution to integrate your waste items, contamination risks or unique program branding.

Four Product Options Available
1. Educational Wall Posters

Designed in Australian Standard waste colours, these attractive posters integrate environmental images with text and graphical information about the specific waste stream to ensure recycling is optimised.

Easy to attach to the wall above your waste diversion station, each poster is printed using full colour processing on 150gsm art paper with a gloss coating for durability.

Educational Wall Posters Product Details Educational Wall Posters Product Details
Product Code Waste Streams Height Width
EDU-WP-LAN Landfill (General Waste) 640mm 260mm
EDU-WP-REC Recycling (Bottles & Cans) 640mm 260mm
EDU-WP-PC Paper & Cardboard 640mm 260mm
EDU-WP-ORG Organics (Food Waste) 640mm 260mm
EDU-WP-COM Co-Mingle (Bottles, Can, & Paper) 640mm 260mm
EDU-WP-SET Landfill, Recycling, Paper & Cardboard, Organics 640mm 260mm
2. Educational MultiSort Signs

These durable polycarbonate clear signs are fixed to the popular free-standing 60 and 90 Litre MultiSort Range, providing additional educational information about the correct waste items for each stream.

A consistent theme to the wall posters, the standard stickers provided are designed in Australian standard waste colours with environmental images as well as with text and graphical educational information.

Educational MultiSort Signs Product Details Educational MultiSort Signs Product Details
Product Code Waste Streams Height Width
EDU-MS-LAN Landfill (General Waste) 210mm 275mm
EDU-MS-REC Recycling (Bottles & Cans) 210mm 275mm
EDU-MS-COM Co-Mingle Recycling 210mm 275mm
EDU-MS-PC Paper & Cardboard 210mm 275mm
EDU-MS-ORG Organics (Food Waste) 210mm 275mm
EDU-MS-10C 10c Refundable 210mm 275mm
EDU-MS-REC10C Recycling with 10c Refundable Excl. 210mm 275mm
3. Educational Stickers

These simple yet effective stickers are provided with our Pedal Bin range, however have also been used extensively on a range of products by customers seeking to provide consistent messaging across a diverse range of bins.

A cost effective solution, these attractive semi-oval shaped stickers are only 110mm high, and feature the Australian standard colours, waste stream title and images of common waste items.

Educational Stickers Product Details Educational Stickers Product Details
Product Code Waste Streams Height Width
EDU-STI-LAN Landfill (General Waste) 110mm 114mm
EDU-STI-REC Recycling (Bottles & Cans) 110mm 114mm
EDU-STI-PC Paper & Cardboard 110mm 114mm
EDU-STI-ORG Organics (Food Waste) 110mm 114mm
EDU-STI-COM Co-Mingle (Bottles, Can, & Paper) 110mm 114mm
EDU-STI-HAZ Clinical Waste Bio-Hazard 110mm 114mm
4. Educational Floor Graphics

COMING SOON — A range of floor graphics designed to reinforce each recycling stream as individuals approach your waste station for use.

Following the success of floor stickers developed with a number of clients for their new recycling programs, we are really excited about extending our educational options in the New Year to include this range.

  • Exterior Waste & Recycling Signage
  • MultiSort Bin
  • Pedal Bin
  • National Park Station
  • Mini Bin