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Louvre Recycling Station

Modern, sleek, effective… the Louvre Recycling Station is the perfect solution for workplaces.

Product Description

The Louvre Recycling Station is an attractive unit which incorporates the best practice waste diversion features, whilst maintaining an attractive streamline design, which can be customised to complement your interior. The system has proven very successful in increasing recycling in a range of busy public places including airport terminals, high end offices, 5 star reception areas, and even world-renowned racecourses.

The standard Louvre Recycling Station is manufactured with 304#4 Stainless Steel, making it highly durable, and easy to maintain. The station can also be customised, with either timber, laminated panels, manufactured stone, or graphics, which provides significant flexibility to ensure the unit complements your specific interior design. Click on the pictures, and scroll through the gallery of customer designs.

The top panel features differentiated apertures, which are framed in Australian Standard waste colours, with text and graphical recycling information. As a result, waste streams are easily recognisable, making it easy to recycle correctly, even in public places. The graphics can be customised with the addition of unique waste items or company logos, and are finished off with an anti-graffiti coating.

The Louvre Recycling Station houses either two or three 60L MultiSort Bases which are accessed through the lockable front panel door. Optional castors, adjustable feet and fixing equipment are also available.

Louvre Recycling Station Product Details Louvre Recycling Station Product Details
Code System Standard Waste Streams Height Width Depth
LOUV-2S Dual Stream Landfill, Recycling 838mm 670mm 626mm
LOUV-3S Triple Stream Landfill, Recycling, Paper 838mm 1010mm 626mm
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  • 47 Litre Easy Bin
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