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MaxiSort Event Bin Cover

The MaxiSort Event Bin Covers improve the sustainability of events by transforming MGBs into highly visual, easy to use, effective recycling stations, which therefore minimises litter and contamination.

Product Description

The durable MaxiSorts sit over a standard 240 Litre MGB. Designed by industry waste experts specifically for Australian events, the Bin Covers are manufactured in Australian standard waste colours. They feature both written and graphical recycling information specific to each waste stream, both on all curtain sides and around the top aperture of the cap. These design features ensure the recycling stations really stand out at events, and are easy to use, even for diverse crowds.

The system comes in two components, a cap and curtain. Quick to assemble, the curtain is attached with press studs under the lip of the cap, and the entire unit is then placed over a standard MGB, lid and all. Made for outdoor use, the cap is manufactured in 3mm ABS plastic, and the curtain PVC. Both components include anti-UV properties for durability and fade resistance.

After use the system can be simply hosed down, dried and then stored efficiently, with the caps nesting together and curtains folding.

MaxiSort Event Bin Cover Product Details MaxiSort Event Bin Cover Product Details
Code Component Type Waste Stream Height Width Depth
MAXICAP-REC Cap Recycling cans and Bottles 110 610 770
MAXICUR-REC Curtain Recycling cans and Bottles 928 (Assembled) 610 770
MAXICAP-LAND Cap Garbage/Landfill 110 610 770
MAXICUR-GAR Curtain Garbage/Landfill 928 (Assembled) 610 770
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