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Mini Bin

Looking for a mini solution which can help you make a big difference as you implement your new recycling program?

Product Description

The Mini Bin may be only 13 centimetres tall, but it’s helping Change Leaders improve engagement with staff and communities in a number of major recycling projects.

Many organisations are implementing central recycling stations, which require individuals to transport their own waste from their desk to the station for disposal into the various waste streams. Initially for individuals this can be a big change from having a traditional individual desk bin, however the organisational benefits in terms of improved recycling yield and reduced waste management and cleaning costs can be considerable. The Mini Bin has been used successfully to help assist individuals through such a transition, providing a positive focus, and overcoming some of the objections to change. Provided to users the Mini Bin can be used to help collect small desk waste such as lolly and food wrappers for later diversion, and is also a fun way to store stationary items such as pens and paper clips.

Mini Bins have also been used successfully as a promotional gift and prize during community events.

The Mini Bin mirrors a roadside MGB, with an opening lid and working back wheels. The standard unit is available with a black base and red lid, although a range of colours are available on order, including all the standard Australian waste colours. The base can also be pad printed with a company logo or message with 1-3 colours. (Minimum order quantities and additional costs may apply)

Mini Bin Product Details (H135mm x W75mm x D95mm) Mini Bin Product Details (H135mm x W75mm x D95mm)
Code Description Waste Stream
MINI-BRED Black base, Red lid Promotional or Landfill
MINI-CUSTC Black base, Custom colour lid Promotional
MINI-CUSTC-P1 Black base, Custom colour lid with single
colour logo print
MINI-CUSTC-P2 Black base, Custom colour lid with dual
colour logo print
MINI-CUSTC-P3 Black base, Custom colour lid with triple
colour logo print
  • Educational Recycling Signs
  • Outside Recycling Signs
  • Pedal Bin
  • Multisort Recycling Bin