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MultiSort Bin Trolley

Bin Trolley

The MultiSort Bin Trolleys ensure managing multiple waste and recycling streams is as simple, and cost effective, as possible.

1. Four Bay Trolley Station

The Four Bay Trolley Station is the perfect solution for waste consolidation and transportation from the MultiSort Bins in larger commercial and office building spaces.

The durable trolley is designed specifically for use with the 60 and 90 litre MultiSort Range, and is manufactured for commercial use in HDPE. It features a lead bar for added stability and safety, and a convenient tall handle at the back, for ergonomic handling during transportation.

The unit is supported by 4 sturdy stainless steel 150kg rated casters, the front two with swivel mechanisms. These features ensure ease of movement, even when all 4 MultiSort Units are fully loaded to minimise manual handling requirements. The casters also feature two locks, which create stability so that the trolley can be parked as a permanent source separation station when not in use, eliminating storage requirements.

Four Bay Trolley Station Four Bay Trolley Station
Code Capacity Height Width Depth
MS-TROL-4GRY 4x MultiSort Base (60 and 90 litres) 995mm 1270mm 595mm
2. MultiSort Single Trolley

The Flexible MultiSort Single Trolley is also specifically manufactured to be used with the 60 and 90 litre MultiSort Units.

The MultiSort Single Trolley is manufactured for commercial use, in powder coated steel. The units feature fit for purpose cages which provide a snug, secure fit, and four sturdy swivel casters, with rear brakes. Once in place, the MultiSort base can be easily and safely moved even when fully loaded, minimising manual handling requirements for waste emptying and transportation.

The lockable casters ensure the unit can be secured safely in place when not in use, as part of a useable waste station, eliminating any storage requirements.

The flexible units lock together, via interlocking steel brackets which are provided with each unit, forming a solid multiple unit trolley. Trolleys can be fixed end to end or parallel depending on your preference and space requirements.

MultiSort Single Trolley MultiSort Single Trolley
Code                Capacity Height Width Depth
PB-2001-BLA 1x MultiSort Base (60 and 90 litres) 268mm 530mm 320mm
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