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MultiSort Confidential Paper Bin

Confidential Paper Bin

This Confidential Paper Bin extends our popular MultiSort range, providing an effective lockable paper waste bin.

Product Description

The popular MultiSort Range is a modular recycling solution. The range integrates best practice recycling features, including Australian standard colours, differentiated apertures and educational graphics, making it easy to recycle.

The MultiSort Confidential Paper Bin is a lockable unit with a paper slot aperture, which is designed specifically for confidential paper waste. This differentiated aperture is proven to limit contamination. The system features a simple, durable key locking mechanism, which securely locks away the contents until collection.

The MultiSort range has a relatively small footprint and is free standing, with no required bracing, so the units can be easily placed at the source of paper waste, or in stations with other waste streams.

The lid is available in blue, the Australian standard for paper waste, and can be fixed to a 60 Litre blue base, or a grey base in 60 and 90 Litre capacities.

MultiSort Confidential Paper Bin MultiSort Confidential Paper Bin
Code Component Colour Capacity Height w/lid (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
MS-60-DGRY Base Dark Grey 60 685 300 606
MS-LGE-CONF Base Blue 60 690 300 600
MS-LGE-CONF Base Dark Grey 90 810 300 510
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