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MultiSort Public Place Bin

Public Place Bin

Take the clever, flexible design of the MultiSort Bin, and encase it in timeless, durable stainless steel. The result… an attractive, highly effective public place recycling station.

Product Description

The MultiSort Public Place Bin is specifically designed to meet the high aesthetic requirements of many public places, whilst also providing an effective recycling station, proven to work even in locations with diverse, transient users.

These units incorporate the popular MultiSort lid range, which provides you with the flexibility to choose from a wide range of waste streams. All lids are manufactured in Australian standard waste colours, and feature differentiated waste apertures, and proven written and symbolic graphics, which are printed directly onto the lid for durability. These features are proven to assist users to recognise the appropriate waste stream, and so optimise recycling yield and reduce contamination.

The MultiSort Public Place Bin features a simple, modern streamline base design, which is available in a number of configurations, all with a relatively small footprint so that units can be placed conveniently in high traffic areas. Manufactured to order in Australia, the bases are made from a minimum 1.5mm 304 #4 Stainless Steel for a high quality, durable result, and house removable plastic bins to assist with cleaning.

The Wall Unit is designed to be fixed to a wall, with the lids positioned end to end. Available in 60 litre dual or triple waste streams, the waste and internal plastic bin can be removed through the top access point.

The Parallel Unit is a free standing station in which the lids sit parallel. Available in dual or triple streams, in 60 litres, the waste can be removed through the front door. Optional castors, adjustable feet, fixing equipment and door locking mechanisms are available.

For more information about each configuration, click to enlarge the pictures or request a Technical Spec Sheet.

MultiSort Public Place Bin MultiSort Public Place Bin
Code Design Capacity Height Width Depth
MPP-60-2SP 60L Parallel Dual Stream 120L - 60L x 2 790 640 610
MPP-60-2SW 60L Wall Dual Stream 120L - 60L x 2 776 1093 344
MPP-60-3SP 60L Parallel Triple Stream 180L - 60L x 3 790 930 610
MPP-60-3SW 60L Wall Triple Stream 180L - 60L x 3 776 1613 344
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