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Security Bin

Security at popular, iconic venues is increasingly important, and yet visitors also demand convenience and areas free from litter.

The National Park Security Bin has been designed to meet these seemingly conflicting requirements with its durable transparent panels and adjustable apertures.

Product Description

The National Park Security Bin is designed with a stainless steel frame and durable clear polycarbonate panels. Bag hooks secure a durable 80 litre clear liner, which ensures that waste is clearly visible when deposited and stored.

The Bin is custom made to your requirements by our local team in Australia. It is available with a range of cover designs, including curved, sloped or enclosed covers. The waste streams are all manufactured in Australian standard colours, and the aperture size can be modified to restrict waste items.

The waste liners can be easily accessed through the lockable full panel door, ensuring waste can be quickly collected, even in the busiest of locations.

This Security Bin is part of our unique National Park Range. The National Park Range is different as rather than industrial designers and manufacturers finalising the design instead YOU CHOOSE!

Click here to BUILD YOUR OWN BIN, and ensure you have a solution which meets your unique security and waste requirements and truly complements your space.

National Park Security Bin Product Details National Park Security Bin Product Details
Product Code Capacity Height Width Depth
NPS-80-1STREAM 1x 80 litre liner 950mm 600mm 650mm
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