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Organics Caddy

The 23 Litre Organics Caddy is a convenient, durable solution, designed for organic waste collection.

Product Description

The 23 Litre Organics Caddy is a suitable size for organic waste collection for small households and kitchenettes. The unit is made with a proportion of recycled content, and is specifically constructed for durability with a thick plastic base, and double wall section at the rim.

The unit features a base handle, as well as a convenient carry handle, perfect for heavy organic waste. The reinforced hinged lid features a simple locking mechanism, which locks the system when the handle is upright or forward. This protects the collected materials from the elements and pests, seals in moisture and odours, and minimises spills.

The long carry handle sits 630mm high and swings back behind the lid, allowing the lid to sit parallel to the unit when opened, for easy access for organics scraping and collection. The tall handle also provides a useful tipping handle, and combined with the textured sloped base, makes the unit really easy to empty with limited manual handling.

The Organics Caddy can be customised with hot stamping of logos and educational information on the lid and/or front of the body (minimum order quantities may apply)

Organics Caddy Product Details Organics Caddy Product Details
Code Colour Waste Streams Height Width Depth
ORGC-23-GRN Dark Green Organics 405mm 320mm 400mm
ORGC-23-CUST Customised Organics 405mm 320mm 400mm
  • Kitchen Caddy
  • Compost-A-Pak®
  • Kitchen Collector
  • Earth Machine Composter
  • Pedal Bin