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Outdoor Recycling Signs

Effective recycling is notoriously difficult in public places, so proven educational signs are often critical.

Product Description

These Outdoor Recycling Signs are designed by industry experts to increase the visibility of public place bins, and to make recycling easy.

The standard Source Separation Systems range includes specifically designed educational graphics, which have been used extensively on successful waste diversion campaigns. The graphics mirror Australian standard waste colours, and include attractive natural images, reinforcing the importance of sustainability. The signs also feature the key waste items for the designated stream, both in text and graphics, which is essential in high traffic public areas with diverse visitors.

Also available is a range of proven graphics from the Australian Packaging Stewardship Forum (PSF). The PSF programs have delivered industry recycling, litter reduction and education programs which reach more than 1 billion away from home visits annually, and so the signs are commonly recognisable, with consistent striking graphics, all in the Australian standard colours.

The Outdoor Recycling Signs are manufactured specifically for Australian outdoor conditions, using durable 300 high by 255 wide, 0.55mm Colourbond. The graphics are printed with full colour UV digital printing, using three layer technology to ensure a high quality finish. All signs are finished with an anti-graffiti coating, and feature a 12mm corner radius with 4mm holes for fixing to any surface.

Custom signs are also available in unique designs, material and sizes. Minimum quantities and additional charges may apply.

Outdoor Recycling Signs Product Details (H300mm x W225mm) Outdoor Recycling Signs Product Details (H300mm x W225mm)
Code Graphics Style Description
EDU-OUT-SSSGW Source Separation Systems Red - General Waste
EDU-OUT-SSSRCB Source Separation Systems Yellow - Recycling
EDU-OUT-SSSCOM Source Separation Systems Yellow - Co-Mingle
EDU-OUT-PSFGW Packaging Stewardship Forum Red - General Waste
EDU-OUT-PSFRCB Packaging Stewardship Forum Yellow - Recycling - Cans and Bottles
EDU-OUT-PSFCOM1 Packaging Stewardship Forum Yellow – Co-Mingle - Plastic, Glass Bottles,
Paper, Cardboard, Aluminium Cans
EDU-OUT-PSFCOM2 Packaging Stewardship Forum Yellow – Co-Mingle – Plastic*, Glass Bottles,
Paper, Cardboard, Aluminium Cans *Includes Plastic Cup
EDU-OUT-PSFRCBP Packaging Stewardship Forum Yellow - Recycling - Bottles, Cans
& Plastic Cups
  • Educational Recycling Signs
  • National Park Recycling Bin
  • National Park Recycling Bin
  • Bin Covers
  • MaxiSort Event Bin Cover