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Paper Recycling Box

The Paper Recycling Box is made from 100% recycled paper, which is locally sourced and recycled in Australia. Printed with environmental messages about paper recycling, the unit is designed to sit under a desk to collect A4 paper.

Product Description

This attractive cardboard box is specifically designed to promote office paper recycling.

Made from 100% recycled content, the carton is designed to be slightly larger than an A4 sheet, so when collected, the sheets stack neatly.

Designed with an organic brown appearance, the boxes are printed with unique environmental graphics, as well as the following recycling instructions and sustainability messages.

  • End Print - Please choose to recycle clean office paper in this recycled carton.
  • Side Print - A single tree makes approximately 3,000 pieces of A4 paper… or alternatively, it can remain in nature, providing life sustaining oxygen, removing pollutants from the environment, including carbon dioxide, and providing valuable shade for summer picnics. Please choose to recycle paper.
  • Side Print - When you recycle paper, the new sheets are made using approximately 99% less water and 50% less energy than if produced from raw materials. Please choose to recycle paper.

This is a cost effective, and sustainable solution for individual office paper recycling.

Paper Recycling Box Product Details (H190mm x W310mm x D220mm) Paper Recycling Box Product Details (H190mm x W310mm x D220mm)
Code Description Waste Stream
RBOX-PC Single box A4 Office Paper
RBOX-PC-P25 Pack of 25 boxes A4 Office Paper
  • Desk Diverter
  • Deskside Container
  • MultiSort Recycling Bin
  • MultiSort Confidential Paper Bin