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Recycling Can

Effective public place waste separation can be challenging, and is only successfully achieved through clearly visible waste options.

What better way to promote Cans and Bottles Recycling than to complement your existing Landfill bin with a bright, oversize drink can, which is sure to attract attention!

Product Description

The Recycling Can was initially designed as an eye catching installation, to improve community awareness, and recycling rates, as part of 10c Container Deposit Schemes. Installed in busy public areas alongside busy landfill bins, it’s a great way for community groups to collect cans and bottles, as part of their fundraising programs.

Following the popularity of the units, a standard recycling can is also available. This unit is also designed with bright eye-catching graphics in yellow, the Australian Standard for recycling, and features some general recycling facts to build community awareness of the importance of recycling single use drink containers.

Internally, the Recycling Can features a fully sealed base which minimises the risk of any spills, an important consideration in public places. An internal liner holder, hides an 80 Litre Compost-A-Pak liner, which is completely plastic free and Australian Certified Compostable (AS4736). Convenient to use, the lid simply lifts off for cleaning or access, and the liner can then be completely removed with the collected cans and bottles. After transportation, the liner can be thrown in with food waste for composting, making this unit even more sustainable.

Recycling Can Product Details Recycling Can Product Details
System Code Capacity Graphics Height Width
Recycling Can CAN-REC 80 Litre Cans and Bottles Recycling 950mm 636mm
Recycling Can - CDS CAN-10C 80 Litre Cans and Bottles Recycling 950mm 636mm
Compost-A-Pak Liners CPKSS-R10-20C 80 Litre      
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