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Room Recycler

An attractive stainless steel, triple stream bin, designed to ensure recycling facilities are available in smaller areas such as small offices and hotel rooms.

Product Description

The Room Recycler is a modern and attractive stainless steel triple stream waste solution. The unit consists of two 15 litre and one larger 30 litre compartments, in which galvanised steel internal bins sit. The unit is designed to have small footprint, to suit smaller spaces, whilst still allow adequate waste volume at a total of 60 litres.

Featuring three apertures in the top steel plate, each stream can be customised to suit your waste stream and capacity needs, using the colours and graphics signs included with each unit. The colour strip and complementing symbols are available for dual stream for Landfill, Recycling, Paper/ Cardboard and Organics.

The Room Recycler is very easy to access, empty and clean. The unit features three internal steel bins, which hold the liners in place. These internal bins feature a convenient lift tab which is located on the inside, allowing the user to easily lift and empty each separate compartment, whilst keeping manual handling to a minimum, or totally remove the liner if cleaning is required.

Room Recycler Product Details Room Recycler Product Details
Code Capacity Waste Streams Height Width Depth
RR-60 60 Litres total – 1x 30L & 2x 15L Recycling, Landfill, Paper & Cardboard, Organics 670mm 355mm 355mm
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