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The Slide & Sort lids purchased for our existing drawers have all but eliminated waste stream contamination, which was a big issue in our kitchenettes, leading to team frustration and increased waste collection costs. Plus, the system is now so easy to use, we no longer require training as part of our inductions. It’s a very compelling business case to purchase!
HR Director, Sydney

The Slide & Sort Range is a perfect solution for those seeking a completely invisible waste solution, which also provides best practice waste diversion features, to maximise recycling.

Two Product Options Available
1. Slide & Sort Kit

The SLIDE & SORT Kit includes the commercial-grade components needed to manufacture
a fully integrated recycling and waste drawer. It is particularly popular for high end offices
and foyers.

The kit includes plastic base units for waste disposal, best practice recycling lids, and a specifically designed commercial grade sliding mechanism, designed to be built into locally constructed cabinetry.

The lids can be selected from the popular MultiSort range, which integrates best practice division features, including Australian standard colours, fit for purpose apertures, and educational graphics and text which is printed directly onto the lids for durability. These features are proven to optimise recycling whilst minimising contamination in recycling streams.

The unit is available in both dual and triple stream 60 litre capacities, and two dual stream 40 litre capacities.

The unit is easy to empty and clean, with access through the top cover, which slides back into the recess, so that lids and bases can be completely removed.

Slide & Sort Kit Slide & Sort Kit
Configuration Code Capacity Draw Height* Mechanism Width* Mechanism Depth*
Parallel 60L
Dual Stream
SS-60-2B 2x 60 Litres Min 875mm 626mm
(Excl. cabinetry)
(Excl. cabinetry)
Parallel 60L
Triple Stream
SS-60-3B 3x 60 Litres Min 875mm 931mm
(Excl. cabinetry)
(Excl. cabinetry)
Parallel 40L
Dual Stream
SS-40-2BE2E 2x 40 Litres Min 575mm 430mm
(Excl. cabinetry)
(Excl. cabinetry)
End to End 40L
Dual Stream
SS-40-2BPAR 2x 40 Litres Min 570mm 694mm
(Excl. cabinetry)
(Excl. cabinetry)

*Measurements will vary depending on the material selected for cabinetry.

2. Slide & Sort Retrofit Lids

The Slide & Sort Retrofit Lids have been designed in collaboration with customers who are seeking to improve the waste diversion performance of their existing waste drawers. They are proven to reduce the contamination issues often associated with such standard drawers in shared and public areas.

The lids are manufactured to a standard size, which can be easily placed into common preferred European drawer systems, including the Hailo system. The lids feature best practice waste diversion features such as Australian Standard waste colours, tailored apertures, and both text and graphical information about each waste stream, which is printed directly onto the lid for durability. The lids are also dishwasher safe.

Landfill, Recycling and Organic waste stream lids are available.

Slide & Sort Retrofit Lids Slide & Sort Retrofit Lids
Configuration Code Description Retrofit Base Width Depth
LANDFILL LID SS-LAN-RED Red, single stream diamond aperture Common European Drawer Systems 260mm 380mm
RECYCLING LID SS-REC-YEL Yellow, single stream circle aperture Common European Drawer Systems 260mm 380mm
GREEN ORGANICS LID SS-ORG-GRN Green, single stream oval aperture. Common European Drawer Systems 260mm 380mm
BURGUNDY ORGANICS LID SS-ORG-BUR Burgundy, dual stream oval apertures. Common European Drawer Systems 150mm 490mm
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