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Vented Caddy

The Vented Caddy has been specifically designed for kitchen organics collection. Designed to be used with Compost-A-Pak™ liners, the vented design is proven to maximise airflow and minimise odours.

Product Description

The Vented Caddy is manufactured with a proportion of recycled content, in a convenient 7 litre size. It features a large accessible opening, ideal for scraping food waste. The durable one-piece handle, also forms a locking mechanism which ensures that spillages are avoided and provides a liner trap to secure compostable liners.

The Vented Caddy increases organic waste diversion, simply by maximising convenience for residents.

Designed specifically for residential kitchen organics, the vented surface increases the amount of air which circulates around the compostable liner and organic waste. This enables leachate to evaporate, minimising odours. The use of compostable liners such as the industry leading, Australian Certified Compost-A-Pak™ liners, improves the convenience of collecting and transferring the waste to the households larger bin, maximising community involvement. The unit is easy to wipe clean and is dishwasher safe.

The large lid surface area provides the ideal location for permanent educational messages. Such messages, as well as the Caddy colour can be customised. (Minimum order quantities apply).

Vented Caddy Product Details Vented Caddy Product Details
Product Code Capacity Height Width Depth
VC7LT 7 Litres 252mm 252mm 229mm
  • Kitchen Caddy
  • Kitchen Collector
  • Compost-A-Pak™
  • Earth Machine Composter
  • Pedal Bin