Today’s waste diversion solutions can actually complement a public space, whether an award winning airport terminal or a five star foyer,  so in the context of increasing land fill rates in Australia, it’s imperative that such solutions are increasingly available.

Australia has a strong dependence on landfill as a form of waste management, with the majority of non-recycled or reused waste being disposed in the nation’s landfills. This is a cause for concern with landfill impacting on the air, water and land quality, through the production of gases, including methane, and leachate which can contaminate nearby surface and ground water.

Unfortunately, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, between 2001 and 2007 the volume of waste deposited to landfill actually increased by 12%, increasing from 19.0 million tonnes to 21.3 million tonnes.

This increase in waste generation is linked primarily to economic development, and it should be used as a call to action for the community to look for ways to increase diversion across all environments.

In the home, as local council waste practices have improved, recycling activities are increasing with over 90% of Australian household confirming that they practice some form of waste recycling. In the workplace, source separation is also becoming the norm, with businesses investing in new waste infrastructure in a drive to increase their sustainable work practices, and minimise land fill cost.

However the challenge of increasing land fill really calls for waste recovery solutions in every environment, and increasingly members of the community are demanding the ability to divert waste from landfill in the public space.

Source Separation Systems works with our clients to develop a range of creative solutions to suit any environment, and any waste challenge. From the MAXISORT bins which provide an expandable recycling solution for festivals and events, to solutions to retrofit waste diversion systems in award winning airport terminals and designs which complement five star foyers. Whilst consistent in their effective design and convenience of use, today’s waste diversion solutions are manufactured to actually complement the public space.

Visit our customer services gallery to learn more about how we are working with clients to provide tailored made solutions, which meets their unique waste recovery needs in the public space, and help build a community in which the option is available to divert waste from landfill in every environment.

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