Corporate Social Responsibility – The Way We Do Business

Source Separation Systems’ mission statement is to deliver world class solutions that inspire individuals to make the world a more sustainable place through waste diversion and recycling.IMG_3190

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of our organisation.

Our innovative packaging cartons are an important reflection of our CSR, and how it influences the way we do business, every day.

These unique cartons have been specifically designed by our talented, passionate team. Made from 100% recycled material, the design enables customers to up-cycle the packaging into Recycling Trucks, which can in turn help to engage kids about the importance of recycling.

More generally, as a team we all recognise the obligations of, not only our leaders, but all team members in acting responsibility, ethically and with integrity at all times, through our interactions with each other, customers, partners and importantly, the environment.

To this end we are all committed to;

  • Providing best-practice recycling products, and expert advice, to ensure our customers can achieve their sustainable goals.
  • Maintaining trusted relationships with our customers and community, through excellent service, and by acting with honesty and integrity at all times.
  • Working with all partners to ensure our products are ethically purchased and responsibly produced. We strive for transparency.
  • Minimising Heath and Safety risks, and promoting well being for all.
  • Empowering, supporting and developing each other, and creating an innovative, diverse, flexible and fun team culture.
  • Minimising our environmental impact, and promoting sustainability across the wider community, by sharing stories to inspire others to act.

IMG_3289We strive to be recognised as market leader of corporate social responsibility, and to make a positive difference through both our direct interactions, and through our best practice recycling solutions.

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