Innovative Coffee Cup Separation Station

Coffee Cup Recylcing

In Australia most us start the morning with a coffee. It’s a habit many of us love, including the addicted team at Source Separation Systems, however the downside to our addiction is approximately three billion takeaway coffee cups, which are placed in bins across the country annually. Stuck without our Keep Cup, many of us also finish our coffee cup hovering over the Recycling Bin reading the confusing marketing jargon on many takeaway cups and pondering, is this takeaway cup recyclable?  Many do end up in recycling, often growing to be the key point of contamination in the recycling stream.

The highly visible, fun Coffee Cup Separation Station has been designed to address these contamination risks, and increase the percentage of waste that can be recycled.

ItCoffee Cup Separation Station‘s proving that coffee drinkers overwhelmingly want to do the right thing, as they diligently separate their coffee cups, lids and liquid. Many are also highly engaged, and the topical Coffee Cup Separation Station is providing a great starting point to discuss wider organisational sustainability targets.


The Coffee Cup Separation Station was initially designed as an eye-catching installation, to improve community awareness around single use takeaway coffee cups. When placed alongside busy recycling stations in public areas such as coffee shops, in busy shopping precincts, building foyers and at lift lobbies, it’s a great way to limit the possibility of the dreaded take away coffee cup ending up in the recycling stream.  It’s also a very highly visible and topical unit, helping to spark conversations about recycling, and to promote more generally the sustainability focus of the business into which is it placed.

Recycling Coffee Cups

CUSTOMISED unit designed for prominent airport location

Internally, the Coffee Cup Separation Station features a fully sealed base which minimises the risk of any spills, an important consideration in public places. An internal frame, hides two 80 Litre Compost-A-Pak liners, which are completely plastic free and Australian Certified Compostable (AS4736), one for the lid stream and one for the cups. There is also 7 litre Kitchen Caddy in the frame to capture any excess liquid. Convenient to use, the lid simply lifts off for cleaning or access, and the liners and Kitchen Caddy can then be completely removed with the collected lids, cups and liquid. After transportation, the liners can be thrown in with food waste for composting, making this unit even more sustainable.


Interest to know more, contact our team to discuss… mid-morning is always best, after everyone has had their first caffeine hit!

Coffee Cup Separation Station

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9 Responses to Innovative Coffee Cup Separation Station

  1. Tarra Martel says:

    Hi there,

    I am inquiring regarding more information about the coffee cup separation station. Please indicate price.

  2. Tomasino Rigoli says:

    How much is 1 x coffee cup separation station and what about freight to Sandy Bay, Tasmania.

  3. peter carlyle says:

    Wondering the pricing etc.

  4. Peter – would like to get a price on the cost of one of those separation Coffee bins please delivered to the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital. I will run it past our Executive as those cups they use are recyclable.

    Neil Whiteman

  5. elisabeth says:

    curious – what is the actual destination of the cups after they are separated? Does this depend on the shire location, or is there a separate stream of recycling that they go to?

  6. jo says:

    where can we get the recycling station?

  7. Simone Pianko says:


    I am very interested in purchasing some of your coffee bins.
    If someone could please contact me on 0437 519 848 that would be much appreciated.


  8. The lovely team at Source Separation Systems!

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    It does depend on the location, in fact we even have some businesses using these to collect keep cups, which are then rewashed each day and redistributed to their employees! Some companies are doing really awesome things to be more sustainable.

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