800 households within the eastern Riverina region of NSW have commenced a Cluster Organics Trial collecting both food and green waste.

Education was prioritised, with the Trial kicking off in the Coolamon, Cootamundra, Gundagai and Junee Shire Councils with the households being visited by an enthusiastic council representative who explained the program, benefits and answered any questions. Participating households were also provided with a FAQ flyer, calendar with collection dates and a survey was conducted to determine levels of engagement and satisfaction with the process as well as willingness to adopt the collection on a long term basis.

Each household was then provided with a REROC branded Source Separation System’s 7 litre Kitchen Caddy, 100 ‘Compost-A-Pak’ compostable bin liners and a new 240 litre food and green waste bin which is collected fortnightly. Each roll of the ‘Compost-A-Pak’ liners included a unique serial number, which was recorded for each participating household. As a result, the source of any contamination can be easily identified and the household provided with further support.

Whilst the six month trial runs until January 2012, already the feedback from participating households has been really positive, particularly in regards to the initial support provided with council visits. The best measure of success however is the diversion rates, and as Tracey Cornell, Waste Forum Coordinator for REROC, confirms, the initial results point to a very successful program;

“So far the trial has collected a total of 46.33 tonnes of organic waste in 4 collections. This averages 11.58 tonnes per collection and averaged over the 800 bins equates to 14.4kg per collection per household.”


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