The University of Western Sydney aims to incorporate a focus on sustainability in all of its activities – in research, learning and teaching, engagement with its region and in its campus operations. It is actively seeking to establish itself as a living laboratory in its initiatives to green its operations.

One aspect of the sustainability program is focused on Recycling and Waste, resulting in 317 tonnes of recyclables being diverted from landfill in 2010. The University has continued to strive to improve in these rates through a Green Office and Student Residence Recycling Program.

The University of Western Sydney commenced using Source Separation System’s MultiSort bins to separate their waste in high use, high profile office areas after a successful pilot in early 2010. Jen Dolin, Sustainability Coordinator for the University of Western Sydney links the bins features with the success of the Green Office program. “The MultiSort bins are a good size for office use, a great design with the lids in recognisable Australian standard colours and a competitive price. Staff feedback has been excellent.”

Since the installation of the MultiSort source separation system, and in conjunction with a number of targeted waste minimisation initiatives, comingled recycling has now increased 95% when comparing the first six months of 2011 to the same period the previous year.


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