Retrofit Bins

Working with our clients we have found that many office and public place areas have adequate waste receptacles, which have been custom manufactured to suit the décor of the area, yet these facilities only offer single stream waste collection.

Increasingly business are looking for ways to improve their sustainability as it becomes increasingly evident that consumers are making purchasing decisions influenced by a company’s high environmental and ethical standards, and indeed employees are more engaged within such businesses. In such a context, particular in public areas, single stream waste facilities are quickly being replaced.

airport waste managementTo achieve a cost effective solution, which utilises the existing waste receptacles, our team is increasingly working with clients to custom design and manufacture retrofitted multi-stream recycling solutions.  Alternatively, depending on our assessment and your waste goals, we can also build on the existing systems, providing a streamline consistent look, whist simultaneously introducing multi-stream collection and increasing the total capacity.

To ensure our retrofit solutions achieve results, each project is custom designed by our specialists to the Office waste managementspecific dimensions of the existing unit to achieve ease of use. In addition, our designers integrate a range of best practice waste division features into the units, such as tailor made apertures, Australian standard colours and specific graphics. These products are then manufactured in a range of fit for purpose materials to ensure they maintain Source Separation high quality, durable standards.

Our industry specialist knowledge and experience have ensured we have deliver retrofit solutions which optimise yield in a range of environments, including;

  • Office Kitchenettes
  • Award Winning Airport Terminal Waste Stations
  • Shopping Centre Bins
  • Food Court Stations

To learn more about the range of retrofit projects we have completed and
how we can work with you to design a solution, contact us today.

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