The Green Building Council of Australia recently confirmed that there is now more than 12 million square metres of Green Star-certified or registered space around Australia.

With buildings producing approximately 40% of the waste going to landfill and 40% of air emissions, it’s not surprising that a shift toward sustainability is a key focus. However the benefits are not simply environmental. As the council confirms, going green;

  • Sustainable waste managementDelivers financial benefits such as lower operating costs, and a higher return on investment,
  • Produces people benefits, with improved productivity and healthier places to live and work,
  • Demonstrates an organisations’ commitment to corporate social responsibility,
  • Provides a competitive advantage.

Effective Waste Management is an important component of a buildings’ ongoing sustainability, and is increasingly being carefully considered in the design phase. Modern Interior Designers and Facilities Managers are demanding all the features which are associated with best practice waste management to ensure they are optimise recycling, however they also want recycling stations which actually complement their unique space.

5 Star Waste Bin Source Separation Systems have extensive experience working with clients to meet the dual priorities of effective waste management and aesthetics.  Features such as tailored apertures, proven graphics, and Australian Standard Colours can be successfully integrated into unique stations built to complement the space. Developed in partnership with Indoor waste binsa client for a prominent Sydney 5 star hotel foyer, the success of this station both in terms of aesthetics and sustainability outcomes,  lead to the development of our Louvre Station.

Since, the Louvre Station, with customised casing, has been used effectively in a range of high profile public places, including airports, foyers, offices and hospitality venues.

The Slide and Sort, a fully integrated waste station has also proven a popular choice when aesthetics are a key priority.  Integrated Waste Station

This product was developed in collaboration between our specialised product designers, waste consultants, and architects with a passion for green buildings.

The Slide and Sort is designed to be built into the unique onsite cabinetry, providing a completely seamless appearance.  The durable system then slides out when required, on a built-for-purpose commercial sliding mechanism. Once opened, the station reveals best practice source separation features, leveraging the versatile  MultiSort range lids, which then slide back to access the waste streams.

With such choice of flexible systems, and no longer a requirement to compromise on aesthetics, there is no excuse not to effectively divert waste in the green buildings of the future.

To discuss how you can unfold the potential of Custom Design to meet your unique waste stream, contact our team today.

hidden bins

Slide and Sort – Fully Integrated Recycling Station


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