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Frustrated trying to understand your waste needs?




Knowing your specific waste streams and volumes is an essential first step in implementing, and then tracking, a successful waste diversion program. We know from working with you, that this process can be complicated.

To assist we have developed a free Waste Audit Tool, which makes the entire auditing process as easy as filling out a few questions. The tool provides a basic summary of your current waste streams, volumes, capacity and disposal method, and a summary of waste diversion opportunities, including benchmark results of the potential for diversion from landfill for your specific site.

Instructions for Download

  1. Simply click on the link –
  2. A pop up box will appear. Select Open to automatically open without saving.
  3. Then simply double click to open the Excel document.

Instructions for Use… it’s that easy…

  1. POPULATE the ‘Start Waste Audit’ tab for every bin in your audit area, preferably just before your waste collection. Every cell in each row must be populated for each bin included in your audit.
  2. REVIEW the ‘Report’ tab to obtain a summary of your consolidated waste trends, and possible waste diversion opportunities.

The ‘Introduction’ tab also provides a summary of instructions, and a guide on how to implement a successful waste diversion program utilising the results of your audit. There is also a useful ‘Actions’ Tab which provides a template for you, or your working party to use.

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