The Waste Management Team at The Hills Shire Council recently embarked on a continuous improvement project aimed at improving the Council Office’s own recycling performance.

The project aimed to encourage greater source separation of waste and improve contamination levels throughout the council administration building. The existing bin collection infrastructure within several kitchenettes was replaced with Source Separation Systems colour-coded MultiSort and Pedal Bin systems, mirroring those provided to the residents of the Shire.

300 team members were prompted to action through a strong communication program and the removal of individual garbage desk bins, which were replaced with a set of colour-coded team bins. Whilst there was some initial concern, the success of the program is clearly evident in the results.

As Kathy Woods, Senior Coordinator Water Management highlighted;

“To date we have had outstanding results. Our recycling efforts have doubled and based on current figures we will recover between 3-4 tonnes of compost material a year. This material is sent to the EarthPower facility in Camellia where it is used for the production of energy and nutrient rich fertiliser.”

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