Midcoast Schools MURFE-ed

Midcoast Waste Services have recently donated 24ltr yellow ‘MURFE’ recycling buckets to all primary schools in the Great Lakes, Greater Taree and Gloucester Council areas. The ‘MURFE’ (Multi-Unit Recycler For Everyone) has provided a great opportunity for students to learn more about the importance of recycling as part of sustainable living.

The MURFEs have been conveniently installed in each classroom for transferring recycling to the 240 litre yellow recycling bins, which are then serviced by JR Richards & Sons.

The initiative aims to encourage and educate students in increasing recycling yield. The students have been participating with enthusiasm, given the importance of the program. They also share a renewed understanding of the importance of reducing the amount of waste to landfill & preserving the natural environment. It is hoped this enthusiasm will help to build further momentum across the community who have participated in recycling through the introduction of the new 3 bin waste service in November 2009.

Midcoast Waste Services anticipates the amount of recycling diverted from the landfill waste stream will reduce the amount of red lidded bins serviced at each school.


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