Woollahra Municipal Council is leading the way amongst their inner city peers in sustainable waste management with their ‘Kitchen to Compost’ food waste recycling program. The Kitchen to Compost program encourages residents to place food scraps along with their garden refuse into their existing 120L or 240L green lidded organics bin for composting.

Although most residential properties were able to participate in the program with traditional 120 and 240 litre MGB’s it was recognised that due to the size of these bins, these solutions didn’t meet everyone’s needs, especially in predominately terraced neighbourhoods such as Paddington and West Woollahra.

Source Separation Systems met the specialised need of these neighbourhoods delivering 1,600 customised ‘Green Bins’. Meeting the Australian Standard AS4123.7-2006 Colours, markings, and designation requirements for Mobile waste containers, these Green Bins feature black bodies, lime green lids & the Woollahra logo with educational instructions to support the program included on the bin lids. As Pamela Mina, Woollahra Council Waste Projects Coordinator explains,

‘The bin is compact which suits the terrace housing style in the area and designed for collecting food with a tight fitting lid to keep odours in and pests out’.

With over 1.5 million in use world-wide for the collection of food organics in municipal collection and diversion programs, the Green Bin is proving to, not only be a success internationally, but also locally with residents, collection contractors and council authorities.

‘Kitchen to Compost’ is a part of Woollahra’s overall waste management strategy and is assisting the Woollahra community in leading the way towards achieving waste and carbon reduction results.

For more information on Woollahra Council’s Waste Services and Recycling initiatives please visit www.woollahra.nsw.gov.au


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