Cigarette Butt Art

We all probably know that cigarette butts are the most littered item in Australia. In fact, according to the Latest Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Audit, cigarettes comprise 46% of the national litter stream by item. Approximately seven billion of the 24 billion filtered cigarettes sold every year in Australia littered.

Not only does such litter impact on our public areas aesthetically, but more alarmingly, cigarette butts have a significant environmental impact, as they are carried by wind and rain into waterways.

So how can we bring a stronger focus, debate and action to the issue of cigarette butt littering, which is so prevalent it is at risk of being seen as a norm.  The City of Sydney is tackling that question, having commissioned AZBCreative to raise awareness of the impact of cigarette butts on the beautiful city of Sydney. They’ve installed a large Perspex “Yuk” in Hyde Park filled with discarded butts, which is followed by smaller installations around the city.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore during the launch spoke of the issues faced by the city,

Every day our cleansing crews sweep up around 15,000 butts from the streets and footpaths. Many thousands more are washed into our harbor and waterways where they do serious environmental damage. Discarded butts leach toxic elements such as cadmium, lead and arsenic into water and soil as they decompose.

Let’s hope this action gets people talking about cigarette butts, and importantly looking for an ashtray before they simply flick their next butt…. YUK!

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