Leading the way in the educational sector, the team at Griffith University have installed more than 300 MultiSort systems for the collection of mixed recyclables, paper & cardboard and general waste across the Nathan Campus’s residential accommodation units.

Helen Watkins, Manager Griffith Accommodation, shares the students’ enthusiasm for the program.

Recycling is integral to Griffith University’s objective of becoming a leading University in environmental sustainability. We believe that our new recycling system will help us to maximise our recycling rate and eliminate the issue of contamination… The MultiSort recycling container lids comply with official Australian Standard colour guidelines, and their bright colours also act as a simple visual reminder to segregate waste into the appropriate recycling bin.’

The program’s success has been supported by the use of Australian Standard recycling colours, which students are already familiar with through the domestic waste and recycling system. The success of the MultiSort system within the residential accommodation blocks has driven the 2nd phase of the project, which will focus on University Departments and internal communal areas.

The MultiSort system is the ideal solution for workplace recycling, offering customers a unique and fully flexible recycling system, in line with Australian Standard Colour Coded guidelines and reinforced with graphic representations around the aperture openings.


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