Australia’s leading tobacco company, British American Tobacco Australia (BAT Australia), believe all organisations have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impacts of their business operations.

A key element of BAT Australia’s environment strategy is to pro-actively manage waste generated through their manufacturing facility and corporate office, including paper and cardboard, beverage containers, food waste, toner cartridges, mobile phones, batteries and corks.

In late 2008 the company conducted an internal review of recycling and concluded that high contamination across waste streams within offices, kitchenettes and cafeterias resulted in most recyclables being disposed of in landfill. Adaptation Environmental Support was engaged to research and implement a preferred practice office and cafeteria recycling system to improve resource recovery rates.

A comprehensive program commenced including an initial system review, company-wide focus groups and extensive research on alternative systems and infrastructure.

The result, a company-wide roll-out of the MultiSort system, supported by clear education and support programs. This system is underpinned by ongoing evaluation to ensure continuous improvement across waste management systems.

After extensive research, BAT Australia selected the Source Separation Systems’ MultiSort bins given their superior features, specifically they:

  • Accommodated tight space requirements across numerous kitchenettes
  • Had a professional and clean appearance
  • Allowed “hands-free” use of bins
  • Had stand-alone stability
  • Provided colour options consistent with the local government cycling standard
  • Provided visual guides on the bin lids identifying the relevant items for disposal which were customised to our specific needs.

Thane Arasu, Area Sustainability Manager at British American Tobacco Australia comments that ‘once appointed, Source Separation provided prompt service to meet tight project deadlines and provided flexibility in producing new stainless steel lids for our innovative in-house food recycling system’.

Whilst the system has only recently been launched, BAT Australia and Adaptation will continue ongoing monitoring and targeted communications until desired recycling rates are achieved.

For further information about the MultiSort system please contact Source Separation Systems. If you would like to learn more about BAT Australia’s initiatives please contact


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