Comprehensive trials at Shoalhaven City Council have revealed a hidden secret… the local residents are passionate composters.

In early 2009, after a successful 12 month trial, Shoalhaven City Council implemented a citywide home composting program designed to empower residents with skills and resources to compost their organic waste.

Source Separation Systems are pleased to be partnering with Shoalhaven City Council to supply the world’s most popular composting system, the Earth Machine, which Shoalhaven City Councils’ Waste Minimisation Officer, Fiona Schreurs, describes as one of the cornerstones of the program.

“The provision of quality training and robust resources, including the sturdy EarthMachine Home Composter and Kitchen Collector, has been the cornerstone of the program’s success. Linking “free” resources to training ensured a level of commitment from the participant that contributes to securing the program’s sustainability. To date, over 5,000 households have been trained and resourced, with a plan to include another 1,500 before Christmas.” Ms Schreurs said.

Over 2.5 million residents worldwide use the Earth Machine home composter kit to effectively divert their organic waste from the current landfill waste stream each and every year, and at the same time provide rich organic fertiliser for their gardens and lawns. With such a proven product, it’s no surprise that residents of Shoalhaven are already seeking more units so that they can continue to divert even more waste.


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