Source Separation Systems are pleased to announce that through the introduction of a range of Separation Stations and MaxiSort systems, the staff, students and guests at UNE have significantly increased their ability to recycle across the campus.

Source Separations Systems have worked closely with the teams at J.R Richards & Sons and UNE to design a program which features a range of bins, all marked consistently with specifically designed graphics featuring the UNE logo, in Australian Standard colour codes. The simplicity of the program which makes the sorting of waste effortless and so reduces contamination, is key to the successful implementation, as Chris Ipkendanz explains.

“The ‘Separation Station’ provides an easily recognisable and highly flexible waste receptacle for a range of public place recycling applications. The clear, concise decals allowed for more accurate source separation and have contributed to an increase in the recycling education and awareness among users. The flexibility and modular design of the units have facilitated their effective integration across campus with applications ranging from small office areas to large lecture theatres and high-use public spaces.”

“The ‘MaxiSort’ system has been routinely used during large outdoor events such as Graduation ceremonies and Open Day. It significantly increases waste stream identification among users and allows for quick, efficient change out of full receptacles. By utilising existing MGB’s the system has proved to be a cost effective alternative for promoting source separation at a range of large-scale events”.

Chris Ipkendanz, Acting Campus Services Manager, University of New England


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