Beautiful FREE COMPOSTING POSTER for your kitchen

Composting is an amazing way to improve the sustainability of your community.  On average over 50% of Australian households’ waste is compostable, and so the difference we can all make by simply composting is huge!

However do you sometimes pause over your kitchen caddy wondering what to throw in… or go through the kitchen landfill bin pulling out of compostable waste which your partner has discarded? Ever venture out to the compost bin and dream of speeding up the magic so you can use fresh compost to inspire an even bigger harvest of garden vegetables?

Instructions for Download

  • Simply click here to access What to compost A4 WEB6
  • A pop up box will appear. Select Open to automatically open without saving.
  • Then simply double click to open the Poster
  • Select Print
  • Display the poster in your kitchen for reference.


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8 Responses to Beautiful FREE COMPOSTING POSTER for your kitchen

  1. I am leading a Community Centre sustainability program which I am promoting ways in which to recycle and reduce our landfill not just in our centres but in the homes of our centre users. This will be a great resource to further display the message in our centres. Thankyou

  2. Maria says:

    There is a big garbage coaneitnr at our garden, every day we put all crumble waste products into the coaneitnr. By doing this activity continuously I can get compost end of every month.

  3. judy says:

    Please would you tell me what “small quantities” of citrus peel means. We use approximately two large oranges per day plus half a lemon and maybe one or two mandarins. Could we compost this amount? Also, pineapple skins – are they alright? We do not currently have a composting bin but are burying the green bags from the small kitchen caddy straight into the garden beds – can this work or are we not doing the right thing. We cannot have a composting bin yet so this is not an option. I am so pleased with your small bin from Compost a Pak which we bought at Bunnings – and are using it a lot.

  4. Ian G says:

    Re the orange peel question from Judy-

    In practice, orange peel does compost quite well, and I don’t know where all the fuss about orange peel not being good for compost heaps comes from.

    If you have seen the white fungus eating away at the odd orange, or seen them go squishy and rotten, this is what also happens to them in the compost heap- as long as they are damp enough.
    I have been composting Oranges lemons and grapefruit for over 30 years personally and and before that my parents always composted them. Never a problem yet.
    I have also discussed these issues re citrus with colleagues in the horticulture industry and all of them say that is is also good to chuck citrus in with the rest.

    I reckon compost your oranges with everything else and it will be all good.

  5. Paul Lake says:

    Hi Iam a teacher at Kilcoy State High School, we are interested in starting recycling into our school. Also wondered if we could bring some students to look round your facilities. Do you have a contact number so I could speak to some one.
    Many Thanks Paul lake

  6. Hi Paul,
    As per our email, I would encourage you to review our Free Waste Audit tool which is a great way to get students engaged in the introduction of a recycling program.

  7. Ian, Thank you for taking the time to share such great advice! I’ve been adding more citrus to my compost as well now! :)

  8. Fatema says:

    I am so pleased with your small bin from Compost a Pak which we bought at Bunnings – and are using it a lot.

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