Summer Holiday Garden Adventures for the Kids!

With the summer holidays almost here we have some great ideas to get the kids out into the garden having fun… just don’t tell them they may be learning at the same time!

Adventure 1 – Is that purple striped Celery? 

CeleryTeach the kids about Osmosis, the process by which water travels up plant stems to leaves to keep them healthy.

Simply purchase a  fresh bunch of celery, trim off the ends and immerse the stalks in a vase of water coloured with natural food colouring. Next morning the coloured water will be visible traveling up the celery towards the leaves, plus the kids will have a healthy, and colourful, snack to enjoy.

Learn more about this and further celery experiments here

Adventure 2  – Make a Daisy Chain fit for a Fairy Princess. 

Flower necklacesThis is a great activity which will help kids develop their fine motor skills. You can use any small flower with a long stem, and can make bracelets, necklaces, and even fairy crown headbands.

Simply collect your flowers  and then make a small cut with your fingernail in the stem of your first flower, just below the flower head. Thread the second flower through that hole and repeat. Once your flower chain is the right length, make the final hole a little larger and thread the final flower head through the opposite way.

Adventure 3 – Grow GRASS HAIR onto a figure.

Grass headThis is a great gardening project which will have the kids rushing to the window sill in excitement each morning to greet their Grasshead.

Simply full up a stocking foot with a sprinkle of grass seeds, followed by some potting mix. Flip it over and keep the stocking moist and basked in sunshine.  Over the next week the grasshead will sprout hair and in no time, it will be due for a haircut!!

Find out more about the Grassheads here, including how to create the example above, tuxedo and all!

Adventure 4- Flower Painting for kids.

Flower printing

Flower printing ideas are a great way to teach kids about plants and flowers. Using real flowers and tempera paint. It’s a great way to kick start your child’s creative side while still teaching them about flowers and plants along with basic skills of life. After your done you can hang them on the fridge or in their room for everyone to see the masterpiece. For more information on Flower Printing click here.


Adventure 5 – Gumboot garden

Gumboot GardenBrighten your garden up with this adorable little gumboot garden. Kids will love up-cycling the old gumboots which they grow out of so quickly, and watching magic happen as they grow. Let the kids get their hands dirty as they plant edible herbs, or even their favourite flowers so they can learn about different shades of colours.

Adventure 6 – Composting Experiment

In Australia approximately 50% of household waste is compostable, and if compressed in landfill without air to rot, this compostable matter produces methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than omissions from a car’s exhaust.

Composting is a fantastic way to make a huge difference to the community and a great way to teach kids about sustainability. Get them involved in composting activities such as aerating your compost. They will be fascinated as you reveal the different stages of decay in the various layers. Let the kids discover the slimy texture of worms, and talk about their importance. Amazingly worms will eat so much that they typically produce excrement equal to their own weight every 24 hours!

what-makes-best-compost-pile-165x250[1]Older kids can then experiment to discover which type of materials compost more quickly. Set up a series of bags with different combinations of newspaper, a carbon-rich material and lettuce, a nitrogen-rich material. Add a spoonful of water, seal the bags and leave them in a well ventilated substance out of direct sunlight. Monitor the results and discuss. Normally the bag with a combination of carbon-rich and nitrogen-rich material will compost more quickly. For more detail about this experiment and great information to discuss with your scientists click here.

These are just some activities on our teams list this summer to keep the kids occupied. We would love to hear how your activities go, or any other cool ideas you have to share?

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