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The big green furphy: experts bust degradable plastic bag myth

An interesting article originally published in the SMH, watch the video here  . As we continue to campaign for education about the risk of ‘biodegradable’ bags, and compare them to alternatives such as ‘compostable’ solutions, it’s important to highlight Australia’s strict Compostable Certifications for … Continue reading

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Compostable vs Degradable… What’s in a name?

First Published in Waste + Water Management, Australia While many still consider the terms ‘compostable’, ‘degradable’ and biodegradable’ to be, for all intents,  interchangeable (or even a matter of naming semantics), nothing could be further from the truth – especially when it … Continue reading

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Thick Enough To Trust

Our brand new Compost-A-Pak campaign is here! We would love to know what you think. Just click on the link provided below and feel free to leave us a comment on your thoughts.  

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Simple Tips to Reduce Your Food Waste

Tips for managing food waste may seem common sense, but it’s nowhere near common enough! A recent government study on modern waste habits revealed that every NSW household bins more than $1000 worth of edible food each year. That means … Continue reading

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