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Room Recycler

The Room Recycler is an attractive triple stream unit, designed to suit smaller spaces such as team meeting rooms, individual offices and hotel rooms.

This flexible solution is available in a stainless steel or black powder coated finish, and is sold complete with Australian Standard colours and graphics sticker kit so that the top plate can be customised to your unique waste and recycling requirements.

The triple stream unit consists of two 15 Litre and one larger 30 Litre compartment, each with a galvanised steel liner.

The Room Recycler is a modern, attractive triple stream solution, providing a total combined capacity of 60 Litres, with a relatively small footprint.

Available in your choice of Stainless Steel or Black, all units come with the three internal galvanised steel bins. Using the convenient lift tabs, these internal bins can be easily lifted out of the base, ensuring each unique waste or recycling stream is easy to access, empty and clean individually, limiting manual handling and waste contamination. When in place, the steel liners also hold any disposable liners in place, ensuring they remain invisible to the user, which maintains the external sleek aesthetics.

Once assembled, each waste stream is easily identified with surrounds highlighted in Australian Standard colours, with pictures identifying common waste items. The labels are assembled on site, giving you the flexibility to customise each station to your specific waste type and capacity requirements.

Which Recycling Streams should you choose?

Landfill, Co-mingle, Organics

The Room Recycler can be customised to your choice of streams.

In many small office spaces, the Recycling stream has the highest capacity requirement. This unit has been assembled so the larger aperture is highlighted as Co-mingle recycling, with two smaller streams Landfill and Organics.

The worlds resources are limited. Sending items to Landfill limits the reuse of precious resources, and also creates environmental risks given the toxins, micro-plastics and gases associated with Landfill sites, which can escape into the wider environment. The aim of sustainability programs should be to minimise Landfill streams, and in leading organisations Landfill is eliminated with conscious sustainable ordering practices as well as recycling programs.

Which Room Recycler should you choose?




Product Code
RR-60-SS60 Litres
Your Choice
Stainless SteelRoom Recycler - Stainless Steel
RR-60-BLK60 Litres
Your Choice
Powder Coated BlackRoom Recycler - Black

Which Room Recycler should you choose?

RR-60-SS Room Recycler - Stainless Steel
RR-60-BLK Room Recycler - Black