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Tumbling Composter

The Tumbling Composter offers a fast, effective and simple way to compost!

The unique design of this unit provides two separate compartments, so you can continue to divert your organic waste at the same time as the other side is curing, before being harvested to fertilise your garden.

The sturdy A-frame balances the weight of the compartments to ensure that, even when at full capacity, the unit can be easily filled, emptied and turned for mixing and aeration. The body of the composter is also designed to optimise ventilation, with a series of adjustable air vents.

The Tumbling Composter is a durable unit with a plastic body and stainless-steel frame. The unit can be placed on any surface, providing 140 Litres of capacity with a relatively small footprint, making it suitable for even balcony composting.

This clever design features two separate 70 Litre composting compartments. This allows one side to be used for diverting your organic waste, whilst at the same time the other side is curing. The easily accessed sliding door also includes ‘add’ and ‘curing’ symbols which can be used to label each compartment. Once cured, the resulting nutrient-rich compost can be used to help your garden thrive, improving the quality and water retention properties of the soil.

Sold in a kit and easy to assemble, the unit is an effective choice for council programs, as it can be conveniently transported from community educational programs. The unit is designed for use in conjunction with our proven Kitchen Caddy and Compost-A-Pak® liners. Combined, these products improve the convenience of organic waste diversion.

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Organic Waste Tumbling Composter


Approximately half of household waste sent to landfills in Australia consists of organics. Diverting this waste from landfill to either home composters such as this unit, or commercial composting facilities, can have significant environmental benefits. When composted, the nutrients from food, along with other materials such as green waste or compostable bags, break down into compost which can be used to nourish the soil for future crops, or community gardens.

Alternatively, when such precious organic matter is simply thrown away with other mixed waste, the resulting Landfill sites can emit air pollution including methane gas which is linked to global warming, as well as causing soil and water pollution impacting on local plants and animals

Which Tumbling Composter should you choose?





Product Code
TC-140L140 Litres
Dual CompartmentsTumbling Composter

Which Tumbling Composter should you choose?

TC-140L Tumbling Composter