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MultiSort Confidential

The MultiSort Security Bin is a lockable unit with a paper slot aperture, which is designed specifically for confidential paper waste.

Designed to complement the standard MultiSort streams, this unit is manufactured blue, the Australian Standard colour for paper waste. The unit includes a paper slot around which permanent educational symbols and text are printed.

Such clear differentiation of waste and recycling streams is proven to optimise recycling and reduce contamination. In the case of Confidential Paper this is even more important, as this bin provides not only a secure bin for confidential paper, it also reduces the risk of such paper ending up in the other streams as contamination.

The MultiSort Security Bin is a 60 Litre unit, available with a blue or grey base. The blue lid features a paper slot aperture and printed educational symbols, as well as the text, ‘Confidential Document’ and ‘Secure Document Destruction’.

The lid is secured in place with a steel mechanism, featuring a spring lock with a automatic slam close. The unit unlocks with a 5mm double bit security key.

A modular system, the MultiSort range is designed to be placed in stations where multiple streams are required, or as a single unit in single stream areas such as next to the photocopier.

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Confidential Bin


Blue is the Australian Standard colour for Paper Recycling, and so this blue system with clear pictorial labels is easily recognisable, which reduces contamination and limits training requirements. Blue bases are also available for an even brighter system.

Every tonne of paper recycled saves more than 12 trees. These trees could have taken generations to grow, and as a critical part of a delicate ecosystem, they often house and support all types of other animals and plants. Recycling paper is also often more efficient with over 4,000 kilowatts of energy and 30,000 litres of waste being saved for every tonne of paper recycled.

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Lid Color

Base Color



Product Code
MS-60DGRY-CONF60 Litres
LockableMultiSort Confidential Bin
MS-60BLU-CONF60 Litres
LockableMultiSort Confidential Bin

Which Compostable Bin Liners should you choose?

MS-60DGRY-CONF MultiSort Confidential Bin
MS-60BLU-CONF MultiSort Confidential Bin